Alexander’s Campaign on Kickstarter soon!

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It’s summer , so that means a new game from Alcyon Creative! Our next project, Alexander’s Campaign is about to hit Kickstarter in a matter of days. Alexander’s Campaign is a fast paced historical boardgame for 2-3 players that follows every step of Alexander’s Campaign in the east, from 334 to 324 bc. All the players are represented on the board … Read More

Alcyon Creative on The Comic Con 5-7 May 2017


We are happy to announce that we will be attending The Comic Con convention in Thessaloniki from May 5 to May  7 at the Port of Thessaloniki (Warehouse C). On our stand you will be able to find Argonauts, Gothic Invasion and our newest game, Deus Ex Machina , all at lowered prices! With us we will also have a prototype … Read More

Ironclad Developer’s Diary #6 – Balancing difficulty

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It’s time for another update on Ironclad’s development and the progress we’ve made. Beta V3.00 playtesting We’ve received invaluable feedback from our playtesters. Based on their impressions and remarks of the game, we’ve proceeded and made several changes to the rules and gameplay, all the while making sure the game’s concept remains completely unaltered. Some of the changes we made … Read More

Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter Update #9 – Assembly and Shipping update

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Greetings friends! It’s been a while since the last update. We had our hands full with last moment address changes, the fulfillment for Essen and the shipping preparations. Production The game’s production was finished without any incident and the overall result came out very good! We have high hopes that you will really like the game’s production quality! Here is … Read More

Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter Update #7

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Survey, Late Pledge & news from our Partners Production is within schedule, at the moment we are making some minor tweaks to the game’s graphic design, which we will showcase once ready! Survey You should receive a notification regarding the survey sometime during next week. We will need your shipping address, but you will get a chance to update them … Read More

Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter campaign progress

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On July 12 our  Kickstarter campaign for Deus Ex Machina  began. The game reached it’s initial goal and was FUNDED in less than 24 hours! A week later we have reached the second stretch goal and we are going strong for the next one. Don’t forget that besides  the pledges for Deus Ex Machina, you can also find pledges that … Read More

Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter Campaign Begins!

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The big day is here! Today at 10:00 p.m. local time (GMT +2) the Kickstarter campaign for our second project, Deus Ex Machina begins! Deus Ex Machina Kickstarter Page For any questions or suggestions , leave a comment or send us a private message on Kickstarter, contact us on, or find us on Facebook  .  We will try to be … Read More