Deus Ex Machina spotlight – progress report

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Nearly there!

We are proud to announce that the gameplay is finalized. After playtesting Deus Ex Machina extensively for the last few months we feel very confident about our game that it will deliver a fast-paced, easy to learn and full of strategy experience to everyone who will play it. This is probably a good time to thank our blind-testers whose help and feedback was invaluable in turning Deus Ex Machina to the game it is today!

Our artists are working hard to provide us with all the necessary artwork, which we will start showcasing soon on BoardGameGeek and on our website.

What’s next?

Naturally, we are preparing our Kickstarter campaign in order to gather the necessary funds and facilitate Deus Ex Machina’s publication. We place (if everything goes as planned) the Kickstarter campaign launch sometime around the end of May or start of June. A preview of the campaign should be available a few days before launch (there will be a relevant announcement on BoardGameGeek, Facebook and our website).

Stay tuned for any developments!

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