NEW Black Friday Pledge Level on Ironclad’s Kickstarter !

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We have an exciting anouncement!

There are only 5 day left in the Kickstarter campaign for Ironclad. The game reached it’s initial funding goal in only 15 hours and so far there are 16 extra stretch goals unlocked!

As a token of appreciation  for your great support you have shown us to this and to all previous projects, we have decided to introduce to the campaign an extra Special Black Friday pledge level!  By choosing this reward, placed at 109$ (plus 10$ worldwide shipping)  you can get 1 copy of all three Alcyon Creative titles, namely 1x Ironclad, 1x Deus Ex Machina and 1x Alexander’s Campaign with an additional discount applied (around $18) to the “Add On” Prices inside the campaign.  The MSRP of these three games will be normally at 155$. This pledge level will run until the end of the campaign.


In addition, we decided to send all add on Deus Ex Machina and Alexander’s Campaign, immediately after the Ironclad’s campaign is over, rather than ship them next year. We will be responsible for the extra shipping cost that will occur.



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