Alexander’s Campaign is a fast paced historical boardgame for 2-3 players that follows every step of Alexander’s Campaign in the east, from 334 to 324 bc. All the players are represented on the board by Alexander’s pawn which they are using it every turn to do one of their possible actions in comparison with their General’s (Hetairoi) unique board and special ability. In every round the players striving to recon or conquer enemy cities to complete their personal agenda, to build strongholds or settlements or temples to gain Conquest points, enforcing taxes to claim valuable military and building resources, pass their turn to mess with other players plans and finally using their fighting/building cards with the best tactical approach in order to fulfill their personal ambitions and to please their King.
At the end of the campaign the players are subtracting Conquest points for not using their available fighting formations and add their hidden Conquest points so the player with the most points wins the favour of Alexander III of Macedon as his best man.

Alexander’s Campaign features artwork by Odysseas Stamoglou

Tactical competitive board game

1 Mounted Gameboard 55X36cm
3 Player Mats 22X7cm (Generals/Hetairoi)
15 Tactics Tiles
3 Objective Cards
9 Temple Tiles
9 Stronghold Tiles
6 Settlement Tiles
14 Exploration Tiles
12 Counter Tokens
7 Provincial Event Tiles
3 Special Ability Tokens
3 Conquest Point Tokens
1 Taxation Token
1 6 Sided Die
1 Alexander Token
1 Rulebook 12 Pages

Ancient Greek History, Alexander the Great
For 2-3 players.
Lefteris Iroglidis
Alexander Boucharellis
Konstantinos Iovis
For ages 10+.

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  • Alexander's Campaign Board