Argonauts Mini Expansion contains new heroes to add to the hero roster, new Exploration and new Argo event cards, plus the 4 tile upgraded Argo hull status mechanism.

Argo’s crew is joined by Meleager the Legendary Hunter, Amphiaraus the Twice-Cursed Seer, Ascalaphus the son of Ares, Ancaeus the son of Poseidon and more!

Heroes will face legendary monsters like the Calydonian Boar and the sea behemoth Cetus.
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Argonauts features the artwork of Giota Vorgia, a passionate board-gamer, illustrator and painter (

Tactical Cooperative Board Game.
2 Lengendary Encounter Cards 120X80mm
– Cetus
– Calydonian Boar
8 Heroes Cards 91X59mm
– Admetus
– Ascalaphus
– Ancaeus
– Amphiaraus
– Meleager
– Peleus
– Telamon
– Idas
3 Argo Event Cards 91X59mm
– Wrath of The Gods
– Wrath of The Gods
– Cetus
2 Exploration Events 91X59mm
– Feast
– Calydonian Boar
4 Tiles 60x40mm Argo Hull Status
Ancient Greek Mythology, The legend of Jason and the Argonauts.
For 1-4 players.
Lefteris Iroglidis
Konstantinos Iovis
Ioannis Stamatis
For ages 10+.
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  • Wrath of Gods
  • Calydonian Boar
  • Cetus
  • Harpies