Gothic Invasion Mini Expansion contains one new Gothic leader (Farnobius) tile, plus its individual board for use in Gothic Invasion and 8 Special Ability Tokens for the Leaders.

The Goth player must choose which Leader to use at the beginning of the game: Saphrax or Farnobius. Farnobius’s unique trait allows him to draw four cards each season and after looking at them to discard one.

The eight special ability tokens (four per faction) are used instead of playing a card and are one time use only. They are distributed at the beginning of the game either randomly or by player assign (players must decide).

Competitive Card-driven Wargame – expansion.
  • 1 Leader Tile
  • 1 Individual Leader Board
  • 1 Plastic stand
  • 8 special ability tokens
Ancient History, The Gothic Wars (377-382 AD).
For 2-5 players.
Lefteris Iroglidis
Alexander Boucharelis
For ages 10+.
  • Gothic Invasion mini expansion
  • Board