Ironclad is a cooperative sci-fi game for 1 to 3 players.
Ironclad’s story driven campaign puts you in the far future of our world, in the midst of a Cosmic Cold War era between various galactic spanning factions like the Human Federation, the Galactic Council etc.

Players are freelancers aboard the Ironclad, a powerful battleworn warship that defected from the Human Federation Armed Forces.

Each player will be tasked with controlling vital systems of the ship such as Navigation, Engineering or Weapons Systems by carefully managing and assigning hero crew members according to their needs.

In the campaign mode, players follow the game’s narrative and choose their course of action. Their decisions and outcomes will have lasting effects on how the story evolves. Players will be tasked with completing missions for various factions from smuggling and collecting bounties to destroying formidable battle space stations or taking part in massive space battles.

Each mission uses the modular hexagonal board pieces to set up the space sector where the scenario takes place. Players have to reach their goal (they may also attempt to discover secret objectives that might lie in-between). During their journey they will encounter threats ranging from other hostile ships (pirates, warmongers etc.), or cosmic events (like solar flares or black holes)

Over the course of the campaign the crew will gain experience, thus improving it’s skills and with the rewards (credits or new technologies) gained, players will be able to upgrade their ship and outfit it with better weapons, shields, reactor etc., becoming famous or infamous (depending on choices made), building Ironclad’s legend and making it a force to be reckoned with.

Ironclad features:

  • Narrative driven campaign with missions that will provide players with over 15 hours of content.
  •  A modular board composed of hexagon based map tiles representing space stations, planets, cosmic events and the vastness of space.
  • A.I. controlled threats and events (enemy ships and cosmic events)
  • Customizable ship modules.

Ironclad features artwork by Manos Lagouvardos

Take a tour in the world and heroes of Ironclad here.
Tactical, Cooperative, Story-driven board game.
Ironclad Player Mat

3 Ironclad System Order Cards

20 Hero Cards

5 Faction Hero Cards

6 Ships For Hire Cards

5 Villain Cards

5 Enforces Cards

1 Cosmic Condition Card

15 Enemy Ships Cards

1 Starport Services Card

3 Triple Sector Tiles

3 Quadruple Sector Tiles

9 Planet Tiles

10 Dual Sided Intel Cards

22 Intel Tokens

10 Gear Tokens

22 various Damage/Shield Tokens

12 Exhausted/Wounded tokens

Other various tokens

1 Ironclad token

1 d6 die

1 Learn To Play Book

1 Campaign Book

Sci-fi Space exploration adventure.
For 1-3 players.
Konstantinos Iovis
Kostis Tolios
Ioannis Stamatis
For ages 13+.

  • Ironclad Cover art
  • Gabriel
  • Ironclad Player mat
  • Ironclad Hero Cards