Late Backing for ARGONAUTS Second Edition begins!

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Argonauts’ Second Edition Kickstarter campaign ended successfully on March 27. If you or any of your friends missed the campaign,  you can still support us and get the game at the same discounted Kickstarter price. This second deluxe edition contains updated cards, a reedited and revamped rulebook and a brand new miniature for Argo, the legendary ship. Simply visit the … Read More

Argonauts Second Edition Kickstarter LIVE NOW!

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The Kickstarter campaign for the Deluxe Second Edition of Argonauts is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Visit the Kickstarter campaign for a complete list of the game components, all the changes from the 1st edition and video reviews and gameplays. Once again we ask of you to show us your support to make this game a reality.    

Argonauts Second Edition Kickstarter Launches February 12!

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Argonauts was Alcyon Creative’s first project back in 2015. Now, after it’s been sold out for more than a year, it’s time for a second edition! We are happy to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for a second Deluxe edition of Argonauts will launch on February 12! What does Deluxe mean? This new edition contains  16 updated cards , a revised … Read More

Ironclad Update – Development process

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Hello everyone! We would like to give you a small update regarding the development process. Rulebook The edited rules are in the hands of our graphics designer, who is currently working on the template of the booklet. In the next month or two, we should be able to share the finalized rulebook with everyone. Campaign book The main campaign (10 … Read More

Alexander’s Campaign now officially available!

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  Alexander’s Campaign in now available through our e-shop. After it’s successfull Kickstarter campaign during the summer, we completed the fulfillment process for all our backers in November and now we can release it for all board game enthusiasts all over the world. Alexander’s Campaign is Alcyon Creative’s third project, following Argonauts and Deus Ex Machina. We hope you enjoy … Read More

Deadline set for Ironclad late backing!

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The last couple of months your support for Ironclad has been overwhelming. We are announcing today that the deadline for those who are still interested in purchasing Ironclad on the same price as the Kickstarter campaign is February 10. You can visit the Late Backers page and make your donation.   The late pledge for Ironclad will close, as we … Read More

Late backing for IRONCLAD begins!

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Did you or any of your friends miss Ironclad’s Kickstarter campaign? Don’t worry! Through this page you can still back us at the same discounted price as the Kickstarter pledge levels! The late pledge for the Christmas special pack will expire at December 31 and the laste pledge just for Ironclad at January 31.  

Ironclad FUNDED with 24 stretch goals unlocked!

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Hello everyone! WE DID IT! With your support, our Ironclad Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday with an astounding success! We’re immensely grateful for your love and support throughout the campaign. Your participation was vital in terms of feedback, not to mention your enthusiasm which motivated us! Right now, the whole team will finally get a good night’s sleep. But tomorrow work … Read More

NEW Black Friday Pledge Level on Ironclad’s Kickstarter !

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We have an exciting anouncement! There are only 5 day left in the Kickstarter campaign for Ironclad. The game reached it’s initial funding goal in only 15 hours and so far there are 16 extra stretch goals unlocked! As a token of appreciation  for your great support you have shown us to this and to all previous projects, we have … Read More