Xerxes (519–465 BC), son of Darius I and Atossa. During his and his father’s reign, he ruled the largest Empire humanity has ever seen by that time. Achaemenid Empire was divided into satrapies and each satrapy was governed by one peripheral leader, the Satrap. There were more than 24 satrapies around that period and the Satraps followed direct orders from Xerxes himself.


In this resource management game, each player assumes the role of one Satrap, each with his own area, special ability and characteristics. Every turn the players are trying to collect resources for taxes, construct buildings or launch campaigns.The player has a number of Tax and Campaign cards to resolve in order to satisfy Xerxes and earn his favor (counted as Victory Points).

Every round of the game has the following phases:
– Resource Phase.
– Annual Event Phase.
– Campaign Phase.
– Build Phase.
– Taxation Phase.
– Turn Change Phase.

The player that reaches 25 Victory Points earns the favor of Xerxes and wins the game; alternatively, the one with the most Victory Points at the end of the 7th round.

Xerxes features the artwork of Tony Tzanoukakis.

Area Control/Resource Management

1 Gameboard

4 Player Mats (Dual Sided Printed)

24 Taxation Cards

16 Campaign Cards

14 Event Cards

6 Solo Mode Cards

1 Xerxes Miniature (Timeline Indicator)

8  Satrapy Standees

Full Sets of 14 Token per Satrap


For 1-4 players.
Lefteris Iroglidis
Harry Haralampidis
For ages 10+.

  • cards
  • Board
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